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  • What Is Stop Allergy Now Protocol?

    The Stop Allergy Now Protocol incorporates several disciplines such as allopathy, chiropractic, acupressure, kinesiology, nutrition, homeopathic and psychological solutions.  The protocol takes patients through four phases of treatment.

  • Phase 1. Improve the metabolic rate. First, we want to improve the body's metabolic function. This is the body's basic engine or operating system. We improve the metabolic function using several techniques described in the healing techniques menu.  After the metabolic function improves, the system works better, and if the system works better, some of the errors in the brain that we call allergies disappear on their own. 

  • Phase 2. Detox the system. The next phase, before we clear the allergies, is to make sure that all the lines of communication are really clean. We use a detox program to help the body in this process. This is a 10-day high-power diet designed to pile on nutrients while clearing toxins. 

  • Phase 3. Clear active allergies. Next, we move on to clearing environmental or food allergies, starting with whichever category seems to be causing the most severe symptoms or has the highest IgE levels in the blood. Each person gets a customized protocol depending on their specific allergies. 

  • Phase 4. Clear all the emotional negativity. The final phase is to clear all the emotional negativity that holds us back and reprogram the brain to correct the errors. The error in the brain can be compared to a computer program error that causes a software glitch. We don't want to just patch the software; we want to install a better program so the brain can function at its highest capacity.