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Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology

Allergy Technique

Applied Kinesiology uses the body’s muscle response to evaluate body function.

Applied kinesiology measures muscle strength as a way of identifying structural and other weaknesses in the body. Of all the techniques that Dr. Orpelli use, applied kinesiology is the most useful for testing body function.

Pioneered by Dr. Goodheart in 1964, this important process involves strengthening and changing muscle function via an origin/insertion technique. Goodheart determined that after deeply massaging tender nodules located at the origin of a particular muscle, or a section of the lymphatic, vascular system or meridian line related to that muscle, that the muscle usually returned to normal strength. Further, he found these successful results lasted, even if there had been a history of recent or chronic “trauma” to the area, which was usually the case by stimulating and balancing the nervous, vascular and lymphatic systems and synchronizing these with the muscles surrounding an injured area, he can alleviate pain and restore proper muscle function in his patients.