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Dr. Orpelli’s Mission

Our Mission is to help and educate as many families as possible how to eliminate and being free of allergy that is keeping them from fully enjoying the life.

For more than 20 years, I dedicated my life to educate myself to learn and find the fastest and shortest way to heal people. We try to give the big picture of health and prevention medicine to patients and the public so they can make the smartest decision for their health goals.

Whether their problem is from chronic pain to mental release, or even just to sleep better.

We have in our office, over 100 brochures to educate our patients and help them to choose the best way to live their lives. We focus on the cause of the problem instead of dealing with the symptoms. We believe that the body can take care of itself. The minimum we do is help the body be aware of the cause of the problem. Then the symptoms will disappear by themselves.